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Friday, June 2, 2017

Wardrobe Break

I came across this wardrobe at a local antique mall the other day.  The round posts on the front reminded me of the Sonia Messer furniture that I have been collecting.

I decided to take a break from making window trim and paint the columns on the wardrobe to match the Sonia Messer Pieces.

The wardrobe has a brown stain, so I went over it with a little mahogany stain to try and make it look a little closer.

Here the wardrobe is pictured with a few other pieces.

To see my other Sonia Messer pieces, click the Sonia Messer Label below.


  1. El armario te ha quedado perfectamente conjuntado con los otros muebles,además tiene unas formas muy bonitas!

  2. Totally amazing, Troy, such a good eye you have!

  3. You Troy, are like the Sherlock Holmes of the miniature world! You have the gift of being able to search and rescue lost and lonely minis and reunite them with not only like pieces within your vast collections, but also introduce them to us, your greatly admiring public!
    and I love what you've done with the wardrobe! :D


  4. Ooooohhh Very sharp! I like it a lot. I'm a sucker for black and wood mixes.

  5. Hi, Troy - This is an amazing makeover! You do have a wonderful ability to see the possibilities in various pieces and turn the nondescript into the fabulous. Painting the wardrobe's columns black with the gold trim was just the thing - it looks as though it has always been that way and is a perfect match with the other pieces. Nice work!

  6. Hello Troy,
    What a magnificent piece. I love the wood grain and your changes really made the piece come to life. well done!
    Big hug,