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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Window Trim

I found these plaster window sills and heads at a sale not too long ago for a dollar, so I couldn't pass them up.  I figured that I could probably use them somewhere.

I still had a some mold making supplies from a Sonia Messer Repair project a while back.
To see it, click HERE

The first step was to make a mold of the existing pieces.  The kit comes with a two part putty that you knead together.  (it sets up pretty quickly)

Once the mold material set up, I mixed a two part resin and poured it in.  As you can see, it starts out clear.

As the resin begins to set up, it changes to a white color, literally before your eyes.

This is the window sill right out of the mold.  It has a few pieces that need to be trimmed off and it need to be sanded.

This image shows the new resign pieces on top and the original plaster pieces below.  They are not quite as crisp as the originals, but they will do.

This is a picture of one of the trim pieces above the existing windows in the Kage House.  I am still shocked that it is almost a perfect fit.  The Kage house has 22 windows so I better get busy!

To see the Kage House click HERE
To see my Kage Housecollection click HERE
To see how I made the windows for the Kage House click HERE and HERE


  1. I love it when things line up like this. Great job and your windows will be perfect!

  2. Buying the plaster trims must have been meant to be. They look perfect above the windows :0)

  3. Una compra genial pues son unas molduras muy bonitas , te quedan de lujo.La reproducción perfecta, buena semana:-)

  4. It's so awesome that you found these trims and also found a way to make the additional ones you need. The house is going to look so amazing with them. Even if they are a little bit of work, it will be well worth it in the end!

  5. you'd better get after it, 72 windows is a lot of windows :)


  6. Hello Troy,
    Great job of casting the extra pieces. They really do look perfect on those windows.
    Big hug

  7. Hi, Troy - It is amazing that the trim pieces are such a perfect fit! How often can that happen? I really like that mold kit; it's served you well!