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Thursday, May 18, 2017


I came across some wood letters at Michaels the other day that were on sale.  
I decided I could add another name to the logo wall in the miniature studio

You will notice that the letter "O" is a different color.  Thus begins my story.  

The "O" that came with the letters was not a circle it kind of looked more like a flat tire and I didn't really like it.  I looked all over the metro area for some perfect 3-1/2" tall perfectly round circles.  There was no such thing.  I finally found some on Etsy.  They were relatively inexpensive so I ordered them.  They are made from mdf, but I figured that wouldn't matter since I was going to paint them anyway.  They arrived and were about twice as thick as the wood letters that I had.  So I went back to Michael's to purchase another set of wood letters to stack.  I figured that I could stack the letter so that they would be the same thickness as the new "O"s.  Of course they were all out of most of the letters that I needed.  so I bought some different ones and chopped them up to make do.  For example, I had to make the back of the "T"s our of "E"s by cutting off the bottom two 'crossbars' and adding a piece to the top.  The seams don't really matter because it will be on the back of the letter.

Here is a the actual Tootsietoy logo on the bottom of a table.  I have tried to make the logos somewhat relate to the original designs.

I decided to paint the Tootsietoy logo metallic silver since the furniture is that color under the paint.  Here are a couple of photos of the logos on the wall in the studio.

To see my Tootsietoy collection click HERE


  1. Te ha quedado un logo perfecto,me gusta mucho pintado en metálico!!

  2. Hello Troy,
    That looks great! I love the logos on the wall. your room has a museum feel to it that I love.
    Big hug

  3. Hi, Troy - I love your "O" story; and how entertaining to read about the lengths to which you had to go to get all the letters a uniform size! (It probably wasn't so entertaining from your standpoint.) But the end result is fabulous! I like the metallic silver paint - perfect. I'm glad you found room for the Tootsietoy logo; it's a great fit.