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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Quick Strombecker Repair

I picked up a old wooden kitchen stool at an estate sale.  
I assume that the stool is probably Strombecker brand.  

The stool is missing some paint and one of it's legs. 

I picked up a wooden dowel at a local hobby store and cut it to the proper length.
I removed one of the existing legs to get the exact length.

After some light sanding, the stool was ready to paint.  
I had a container of paint that looked close to the same color.

Time for some glue.

After I applied a little of the paint, I knew from experience that this was not going to be quite the same color or sheen.

No, thats not a fried egg, its me adding a little bit of yellow paint to the mix.  I also added some varnish to give the paint a little gloss like the original.

I had quite a bit of paint left over, so I looked through my box of projects and found this Strombecker sink that I have had for a while and gave it a fresh coat of paint with the remainder.

Strombecker came in different scales and finishes.  To see my collections, click the links below:

My 3/4" Strombecker collection can be seen here:

Sunday, November 5, 2017

My Sonia Messer Blockhouse Collection

In Dian Zillner's book, she says, "It is hard to believe a dollhouse furniture line could continue to be sold over 50 years.  That is the case with the 1" to one foot furniture know as Lynnfield, them H.M Miniatures, later Andi Imports, and finally Sonia Messer.  Throughout most of these years, the furniture was markets by Block House Inc."
The company started in the 1930's by Chester H Waite in Lynnfield Massachusetts and after changing names and owners stopped production in the early 1980's.

I have posted pictures of the Sonia Messer Pieces in my collection below:

Empire Vanity Bench c. 1970's

Empire twin bed c.1960's

Queen Anne Chaise Lounge c. 1970's

Empire vanity with mirror c. 1950's

Federal Breakfront c. 1950's

Federal Secretary c. 1950's

Chippendale Rocker c. 1970's

Queen Anne Footstool c.1970's

Queen Anne Wingback Chair c.1970's

Queen Anne Low Back Chair c. 1970's

Queen Anne Sofa c. 1970's

Queen Anne Corner Chairs c. 1970's

Duncan Phyfe Corner Cabinet c. 1940's

Queen Anne Half Round Table c. 1970's

Queen Anne Chair c. 1970's

Empire Dresser c.1960's

Empire Dresser c. 1960's

Empire Nightstand c. 1970's

Queen Anne End Tables and Coffee Table c. 1970's

Duncan Phyfe Dining Table c. 1950's

Duncan Phyfe Dining Room Chairs c. 1950's

Empire chairs c. 1960's

Queen Anne Bedroom or Library Steps c. 1980's

Serving Tray c 1980's

Wood Trunk c. 1970's

Queen Anne English Deluxe Love Seat c. 1970's

Queen Anne English Deluxe High Back Chair c. 1970's

Queen Anne English Deluxe Bookcase c. 1980's

Queen Anne English Deluxe China Cabinet c. 1980's

Queen Anne English Deluxe Chest of Drawers c. 1980's

Saturday, November 4, 2017

My Take A Seat Collection

My Take-a-Seat collection resides in this ultra modern house nestled in the palm trees.

It's actually the Dylan Dollhouse by Brinca Dada, which I found it on Craig's List a few years ago.  Here is a picture from "Recent Acquistions" post for the house in July of 2014.

As you can see, I have added a few chairs to the collection since then.

The house is set up like a museum with many of the chairs set up on risers.  Most of the chairs scale models and based on famous chairs thoughout history.

Pearwood c.1900

Patio c. 1990

Longhorn c. 1930

Mexican Leather c. 1980

Regency Leopard c. 1810

Mr Vanderbilt's Chair c. 1895

On Deck c. 1910

Adirondack c. 1940

Mrs. Vanderbilt's Chair c 1897

Art Nouveau c.1900

George Washington Presidential Chair c. 1790

Slipper Chair c. 1880

Biltmore Music Room c. 1890

Corner c. 1770

Mission Style Rocker c. 1908

Viridan c. 1920

Biltmore Billard Room c. 1896

Red Heart c 1999

Linear Elegance c. 1902

Racing Red c. 1991

Stardust Memories 2001 Event Chair

San Demas c. 1992

Slope Wingback c. 1944

Peacock Splendor c. 2000

Chrome & Leather c. 1928

Full Circle c. 2000

Ribbon c. 1965

Form & Function c. 1999

Willow Rocker c. 1930

Zebra Chaise c. 1928